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Human Health

We are living in a troubled world full of pestizides, all kinds of chemicals and toxins, contaminated water and nutrient deficient foods and just in the last years GMO foods increasingly flooding the market. Additionally, the stresses of daily life, not only for adults but also even for children, pose a risk of not having the life that we should and could enjoy. Having said this, we can still make choices and take the responsibility for ourselves and family, and of course the animals in our care!

Improving ones life is only a few thoughts away and changes can be made in small steps, consciously creating a healthy life for yourself and your pet. Nature has provided for many thousands of years for all living beings and still does. Your success of being the best you can be is important, not only for yourself and your family, but for your community as well.

Animals are slightly different in their physical make up but there is a common wisdom regarding all life!

Pet Health

Happy pets, happy families, life is definitely more fun when we are well!!
Our dogs and cats trust us and love us unconditionally, they deserve the best! This does not mean to shower them with all the products that the pet industry wants us to believe are good for them. No, here again we have to show common sense and thoughtfulness, making the right choices for our special furry friend. Let them be animals, honor their spirit and meet their needs in life in more ways than one and they will enjoy a long and healthy life as your companion. Their health and wellbeing is in your hands, physically and psychologically! There are many ways for pets to be as healthy and well without any chemicals in and on their body!
Ask me how!

I specialise in teaching the interconnection between humans, pets and plants, indeed all living beings

Plant Health

Plants have transformed the earth over millenia and without them our life wouldn’t be possible. They are about 90% of the biomass on our planet, they are the dominating species!
Not only are we dependant on them to provide the air we breathe and as a food source, we depend on their health giving properties which have been used for millenia. Everyone enjoys the beauty and the scent of flowers, a free aromatherapy!
Although most people view them as mute, immobile furniture of this world, in fact they have many senses and are considerably less passive as one might think.
There is much we can do to understand the needs of our plants, in the garden or in the house and improve their wellbeing with natural means and they certainly will respond with gratitude in form of lush growth.

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About myself

I have been a very fortunate in my life, growing up in a safe and down to earth environment. As a child I always had a sense of wonder about nature and its “inhabitants”. From an early age I spent much time sitting in the garden and observing beetles, ants and other bugs busily moving about and imagining being in their world! My best playmate in early childhood, a Collie named Peggy, who guarded me day and night, must have had “paw” in shaping my life for the future.
Those early years clearly “imprinted” me with natures wisdom which would stay with me all my life. Because of this connection with nature, it was just ‘natural’ to study Wholistic Medicine later in life and make it my profession.
Over time my Naturopathic treatments and consultations didn’t stop with humans, I eventually included pets, mostly dogs and cats, and advised their carers on diet and simple home treatments.
We are all children of Mother Nature, this earth, this planet, this universe, in the great cycle of life, we are all made out of the same “stuff”, we are made from stardust!

My first teacher and best playmate: Peggy